The real
Premier League table

Comparing actual Premier League position with wage bills.

Level playing field?

Does the Premier League table tell you who are the best performing teams or just who has the biggest wage bill? We help you decide how well your team is doing and who should really be manager of the year.

We compare actual league position with the position in the list of the teams who pay the most in salaries. The bigger the gap, the higher you finish in the 'Real Premier League table'. We also show how many points each team gets for each £20m they pay in wages.

The data

League position data is updated in real time after games finish. Data on wages comes from the most recent posted club accounts which is 2014/15 for all clubs except Everton (2015/16) and Sunderland (2013/14). For newly promoted sides this relates to their last season in the Championship, so these clubs do have an advantage in this analysis as it doesn't take into account wage increases on promotion.

Exact definitions of 'salaries' vary by club e.g. whether it includes players' image rights or not.

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